The Charities

VICThe last time I did my challenge in 2012 I raised funds for one charity and one alone.  This time I will be raising funds for four charities.  Please donate generously as they need all the help they can get, if we help them, they can help those who really need our help.

The first charity is Veterans In Communities.

VIC supports ex-service personnel and their families by delivering a range of services developed and designed to increase confidence, self-esteem and motivation.
VIC includes those who also served in the other uniformed services; e.g. the emergency services and the prison service.  VIC was established to build on a community based veterans outreach project that would work alongside the Armed Forces Community Covenants.  VIC recognize thousands of veterans return home as different people to those who left. Many no longer ‘belong’ and many very highly skilled men and women returning to communities of high unemployment, with low wage economy and limited prospects for young people, find it difficult to settle. Military culture is different in many ways and VIC believes that veterans helping veterans to achieve can do much to bring about a successful return to civilian life. This is especially relevant to the North West of England – one of the main recruiting areas for armed forces.

SOTSThe second charity is Soldiers Off the Street.

Soldiers Off The Street was formed in September 2009 for the sole purpose of helping homeless ex service personnel. Since we started and looked more deeply into the problems a lot of the ex service personnel it has become apparent that it will take a lot more than just helping anyone that we find living on the street, so we have rearranged our aims to include the obtaining of a Rehabilitation Center to help get them get back into civilian life.  We are also working closely with other organisations dealing with PTSD so that they have the very best opportunity of living a normal life. There have been a couple of questions that have been put to us that we will clarify here:

1. Does Soldiers Off The Street only deal with soldiers?

A. No, we will help homeless from all services.

2. What is our definition off a homeless person?

A.  A homeless person is not just someone living on the street with all their belongings in a carrier bag; it is a person who has no home of their own. It could be someone being put up by their friends or families or even someone who has a home of their own but is on a short term tenancy. There are a lot of circumstance when someone can be homeless but not living on the street.

Soldiers off the streets are committed to making life better for ex service personnel whose lives have been affected by homelessness. Soldiers off the streets intend to make a positive impact on the lives of the people that have given so much to this country then left to fend for themselves. Many of them with other problems such as Brain shock: The new Gulf War syndrome. — Gulf War Syndrome. — Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.
Our work is only possible with the assistance of generous donations from you. Without donations from supporters such as yourself, the people who will benefit from Soldiers Off The Streets services ex service personnel will be left to face their challenges with homelessness all alone. It is our belief that every ex service personnel dealing with homelessness deserves the support that we are ready and willing to give.
We are under no allusions that we can help them all, we know there are other organisations trying to do their best but there are so many ex service personnel living on the streets no one can help them all.
Will you help us help ex service personnel in need? Your financial support can help us make a positive difference in the lives of people coping with homelessness. Every pound you send provides help to those in need. If you can help we would like to thank you from all those that cannot say thank you for themselves.

PilgrimsThe third charity is Pilgrims Bandits.

Challenging Forces amputees, injured & veterans from Army, Navy, RAF, Police & Emergency services to gain confidence and inspire disadvantaged young people.

Organizing grueling expeditions to injured members of all the UK’s Services. Building confidence and sharing experiences with young people to demonstrate that anything is possible.

Pilgrim Bandits know that adversity, challenges and obstacles serve to strengthen the human spirit. But for some of those we support, just to smile or enjoy the company of others, is an almost insurmountable task. By working with Pilgrim Bandits they are pushed to new limits, to believe in a life worth living again. In sharing their new experiences they go on to inspire children and young people by working with schools, colleges, care centers. Pilgrim Bandits raises funds for expeditions, prosthetic research and to provide ex-service injured with specialist sports equipment.

The Pilgrim Bandits will never ask for your charity, however, we will ask for your support.


little troopers This is Little Troopers, another great charity.

As a charity our main objective is to support children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve. At the core of what we do are our values;

We are Supportive and Welcoming

We strive to be supportive to all British Armed Forces families, regardless of their situation, the only eligibility criteria is children must have a serving  mummy, daddy or both in the British Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy. All families will be given a warm welcome and encouraged to join the ever growing Little Troopers community.

We are Passionate and Committed

The charity was formed back in 2011 because a Little Trooper needed support and there really wasn’t anything out there specially for forces children, the passion behind the founding of the charity is evident in all that is undertaken and achieved, so much is done with so little. The charity are committed every day to ensuring children are not disadvantaged due to their parents chosen career and the daily challenges that come with that career.

We are Accessible and Dynamic

British Armed Forces families are living in all four corners of the world, we aim to ensure everyone feels included and can access the support we provide quickly, easily and in a self sufficient fashion. The shape of the British Armed Forces is consistently changing and we, where possible, try to react to that by being as dynamic as we can be for the good of the Little Troopers.

We are Honest and Approachable

First and foremost honesty is of vital importance, we are transparent in how we operate. Within the charity is a wealth of experience of the military, approachable is something we must be to enable us to support and provide what is needed, it is so important to us that you, our families, can come to Little Troopers when you need us most.

We have created a community for all British Armed Forces families; rank, location, military accommodation or private, married or not… none of these factors matter, what bonds everyone is that the children have serving parents. We recognise the unique daily challenges children can face when a parent is serving and we aim with our events and resources to ease and aid separation periods, be it one month or nine months we will be there to support through that time.


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