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Well here it is, my Virgin Just Giving page.  Just click on the link and you will be taken to my donation page.  Many thanks for your donations and feel free to leave a comment below.  Many thanks Mark



18 Responses to Sponsor Me

  1. martin molloy says:

    Martin Molloy

    good luck with the world record attempt, it looks like it will be tough but if anyone can do it an ex RE Sapper can!!

  2. mat roose says:

    hi mate good luck only a sapper would be up to this!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    Go get that record breaker!!! Good luck, stay safe and put those fears behind you. You can do it x

  4. Roy says:

    Mark I am also ex Corps and went down the diving route, (I was in the majority and left after Weymouth) now how ever I supply all sorts of items and ranges being a wholesaler for several large companies the ones that might be of interest to you are Under Armour for next to skin and SIS (Science in Sport) for nutrition and hydration ? if these maybe of interest to you drop me a line roy@top-of-the-range.co.uk if not no problems at all and good luck with it all.

  5. Hi Roy, many thanks for joining my Blog, I have dropped you an email, look forward to your reply.

  6. Tony Peters says:

    Mark I have no doubt as a Sapper that you will be a record breaker. The cause is a well worthy one and I hope that target you have set is reached.

    You have done some outstanding work for the VIA keep it going


    Tony Peters Sapper 85-95ish

  7. Debbie Young says:

    Not only are you raising money for a great cause, you’re facing your fear head-on and to top it off, you’re going to break a world record! Good luck Mark, i know you can do it! x

  8. Thank you for your support Debbie ….

  9. Jill Hopkins says:

    Total respect for what you’re doing. What concerns me is that you’re having to do it in the first place. When a government sends people to war, surely they should be taking responsibility for repairing the damage done to those who are making the real sacrifice. This is an area I feel is not getting nearly enough attention. Ex-troops are ending up in prison, damaging their relationships and suffering greatly themselves because of a disorder that we know can be successfully treated. To me this is a total betrayal. Anyway, glad someone is doing something about it. Know you’ll do it! All the very best: you are a hero!

  10. Marion Kauling-Muldery says:

    Hi Mark,
    Total respect for what you’re doing…. You are going to break a world record and I know you can do it! Wish you all the very best! Good luck !!! xxx

  11. rex hargrave says:

    hi mark
    my name is rex hargrave , also a e sapper diver, currently i am a padi staff inst , fraid i cant give much at the moment as my finacial statuss is bankrupt , however the reason for comment i would be willing to assist you with the attempt, i to summered a ptsd after ireland , let me know the dates and location and if you indeed need assistance

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