Guest Blogs

Welcome to my guest Blog !

I thought it would be good to open this page up to get some feedback from the people that are reading my blogs.  If you have anything to share then please feel free.

Weather that’s to do with me or my World record Challenge  or another topic then please leave a comment.


17 Responses to Guest Blogs

  1. Lesley Stanhope says:

    Although we do not know you we are friends of Andy and Sue Madison.
    pleased to sponsor you and have fun.
    Hope you raise a lotta dosh as well.

  2. Scott Carr says:

    With you all the way my dear friend, this year is about you, your challenge and the way in which you rise to it, beat it and hammer all the rest behind you….Mark your a true friend, and I dont say that lightly, i’m very thankful to have met you… I know you will be supporting me later this year in my own personal challenge….Together buddy, me and you……..REspect and REgards…..Skin

  3. Great talking to you today Mark, proud to have the Baton with you on this hoofing World Record attempt. Billy and all at VIA are doing an incredible job, your efforts couldn’t go to better people.
    Barring hiccups I’ll be there on the 18th for the off – or should I say In!!….keep fit, will be in touch again soon.


  4. Hi Mark,
    Unfortunately we never met during our time in the Corp. Huge REspect to you for what you are doing and will achieve this week.I wish you all the very best and I know that you will be able to break the record with ease.Be strong and keep the faith 🙂 REgards


  5. Jonathan JW Weaver says:

    Its easy to forget those who suffer when supporting those in need. Watching this attempt from my computer is all i can do, but my support is no more diminished than were i stood outside the tank. Mark, your commitment, courage and strength are amazing. I look on in awe and send you my best REgards, REspect and wish you the very best. All who know you concur. Keep it up and in those moments in the tank, when the world goes quiet, and you close your eyes, picture the Sappers you served with and who you know, marching in best Number Two’s, the RE Band playing and the RSM pace stick in hand, marching past your tank and saluting you inside. Best wishes and regards
    Jonathan JW Weaver

  6. Paul Darby says:

    Good luck Mark and I hope that you smash the record.

    REgards from a fellow ex sapper.

    Paul Darby

  7. Steve Walmsley says:

    Sorry I cant be there till Fri bud but work commitments are keeping me away will be over Fri and hope to see you coming out on Sat am keep up the good work mate stay strong and keep this going best wishes REgards Steve W

  8. Rob Brearey says:

    Hey Mark…Rob Brearey, ex-28 Amphibious. Been reading all about what you are doing and the reasons why and I think it’s a great thing whilst raising some money for charity into the bargain. If I was anywhere nearby i’d drop in but Leeds is a tad far away!! Keep up the good work, heading for the sponsor page now. REspect to you good sir.

  9. Kevin Hatley says:
    Mark hope you get this link. Total REspect for a REal hero. Kev Hatley.

  10. PAUL McCullough says:

    The end is in sight, Mark. Really excellent effort by you, Billy and the team. Executed in true Engineer fashion. Well done!!

  11. Iain Smith says:

    Well done Mark, you are a credit to everything a Sapper stands for, It was a pleasure meeting you in the beer tent at the Gary Owen in Twickenham for the Army Navy Rugger match, hope to catch up with you next year. REspect mate

  12. Garry Ridler says:

    Mark you are a true hero well done, REspect

  13. Kevin Woods says:


    Gutted that I couldn’t make it to see you break the record this afternoon mate, but had to do some work this week. You are an insperation to so many people, it been said many times whilst you were undertaking this challenge if it was meant to be easy everyone would be trying to break it.

    Once you fell up to it mate well have to have a beer to celobrate.

    Just think now you’ve got an excuse as to why you have so many wrinkles.

  14. Gary Diston says:

    Well done Team and Mark I don’t have the words to express my admiration for your strength of mind and character! Top Man

  15. Steve (shuggy) Hughes says:

    *I am assuming you have achieved your goal by now so well done fella. Same to Billy and his team.

  16. Terry May says:

    Amazing feat and well done on achieving your goal, hope you recover soon and a massive REspect!

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