About the dive

The current record is 100 hrs (4 days and 4 hrs).  Held by Ronny Frimann (Norway) set in 2007

I intend to break that and stay in for 5 days plus depending on my health.  I have already attempted the dive in 2012.  I broke the record managing to stay in for 4 days 4 hours  and 22 mins.  I was pulled out due to health concerns by my surface team.

However due to certain evidence not being available it became an unofficial word record.  With this in mind I have decided to attempt it yet again.  Some are calling me crazy, however I like a challenge, so with that said I will be leaving surface at 1000 hrs Sunday 18 June 2017 exactly 5 years to the day to start my attempt yet again.

For the duration of the dive I will be using SCUBA gear, nothing can be attached to me that goes back to the surface, so cylinder changes will take place underwater.  As experienced in my last attempt this increasingly becomes difficult due to  becoming very tired and weak with my hands becoming very painful due to the water saturation.  So i will have safety divers in with me again to help with this process.

This is going to test me yet again and I look forward to all of your support that I had in 2012 which kept me going whilst I was underwater with all of your radio messages being played to me down there, people coming to see me at the studio, the support was great.  Many thanks and I hope to see you there again.




15 Responses to About the dive

  1. basvegas says:

    Hi Mark

    This challenge sounds intense, I have a few questions:

    Will you be wearing a wet/dry suit?
    What is the water temperature going to be?

    Best of luck

  2. Sounds awesome good luck, im sure you will get wrinkly fingers as I cant spend more than an hour in the bath without getting them.

  3. krystalradio says:

    Hi Mark, I`m a part of Krystal Radio who are based at the Underwater Studios. Just want to say to you Good Luck with the dive. Not that you`ll need it. All the best – Tony aka Cheeky Monkey

  4. Neil Hall says:

    Hi Mark, this challenge is something else! Very best of luck. Your grit and determination is inspirational. Very best of luck.

  5. Mike O'Hare says:

    I’m going to come over today only no idea where in Basildon you are lol > All the best my fellow Sapper 🙂

  6. Kyle. O'Connell says:

    Best of luck Mark! REspect.

    From a fellow sapper in the Barents Sea

  7. bob curran says:

    Keep looking over the Horizon mate. If anyone can do this it is you!!! REspect

  8. Bryan Miller says:

    Exceptional challenge and all for an extremely good cause. Best wishes and the very best of luck. I’m sure your grit and determination will see you through.



  10. Tommy Trindall RE says:

    Well done Mark. True mental determination and positive focus are needed now. Your effort so far has been monumental and from here on it is of epic proportions. Protect your hands as much as you can and keep on blowing. I look forward to joining you on Friday. REspect

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