Great News From KUBI Dry Gloves Systems

KUBI GlovesGreat news from Mr Pete Wilson at KUBI Dry Gloves Systems

I have been in contact with Pete over the last few weeks and have explained what I will doing and the problems that I experienced back in 2012 and my last attempt which left my hands in rather a sorry state due to water saturation.  Hopefully this glove system will stop this happening  next year and I will also be using them on my practice dives.

IMG_0573For those of you that didn’t see the state of my hands last time here it is.  When I was taken to hospital after getting out and breaking the record, it was explained to me that it was actually the on set of frost bite.

So again hopefully the KUBI glove system will stop this happening, although it still is a bit of a new science as my hands will be dry  for the 5 days, however they will sweat, so there will be moisture trapped in the glove.  The practice dives I will be doing will be telling me how bad that problem will be as well.  I’m hoping its no where near as bad as not wearing any at all as seen in the above picture.

Once again a huge thank you to Pete at KUBI.


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4 Responses to Great News From KUBI Dry Gloves Systems

  1. Andy Dolman says:

    great news bud, they must be a massive improvement.

    • Hi Andy. I’m hoping this system will help me hugely. Just waiting on them now to give them a trial and see how they will perform. Am also coming up with other ideas to stop the or slow down the saturation process as well. A friend of mine called Fraser has also suggested a small kind of underwater habitat where I can put my hands in to change gloves and also let my hands air for bit, obviously just my hands and not my self. Will come up with something like this and give it a go. Any other suggestions would be greatly received as well. Thanks for your continued support. REgards Mark

  2. Marc Fenech says:

    Hi Mark, ýes i remember your last dive..your hands were a mess.. that why it suprised me that your doing another longer stint.. but i take my hat of to you and send my best wishes.
    Have great REspect for you.
    Pretty tough cookie, But it is all for a very very good cause.. let me know how i can get some pots and a some RE wrist bands and i’ll get them intoa few legions through the RBLR’s northwest… i’ll talk to my branch leader and see if we csn organise something to help raise some dosh… Keep us updated.. plus your mile swim in the pool aint a bad time.. cheers Mark catch ya later.. 👍

    • Hi Marc. Many thanks for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated. As soon as I have the pots and the bands I will let you know. I will post on the blog that I have them. I’m hoping the donate page will be up and running in the very near future, just waiting on confirmation on a few things regarding that. Once again, many thanks. REgards Mark

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