Great Day At The BFBS Pool Party

Had a great day yesterday at the BFBS Pool Party World Record Attempt.

I was invited along by Richard Hatch, a presenter for the radio station.  He was going to attempt to break the World Record for the Longest Radio Broadcast Underwater.

The attempt started at about 1300 hrs when Richard entered the water.  And the water was a lovely 30 degrees, like a bath.  I was scheduled in for a 1645 interview with Richard.

There were also various other people there who would also be doing interviews with Richard and also some live music including the group Top Loader and Heather Marie.  Heather sings war time favourites and sounded awesome.

She has also agreed to perform at Mark Surfaces At Combat Rocks Brighton, which is great news.  Many thanks Heather.

There were also some Naval clearance divers there who gave a demonstration of their work.

I had my interview with Richard at 1630, however was done through the window as the sound quality was a little poor due to bubbles.

I explained to Richard about how my life has been for the last couple of years and how it is now with the help of Veterans In Action and about my own record challenge next June.  Hope to see him in the tank with me next year.

After the interview I then joined Richard in the tank for a small game of pot the black.  After a few attempts I finally potted it.  Richard finally broke the world record and was presented with an official certificate from a Guinness representative.  A huge well done to Richard  !

I would like to say a big thank you to all the BFBS team for a great day and to Fred at the Underwater Studio for putting it all on without a hitch. Thanks to all.

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2 Responses to Great Day At The BFBS Pool Party

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  2. Many Thanks Heather for posting on your page. Looking forward to hearing you again at Brighton !

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