Charity Event 4th June 2016

Hi everyone.  As some of you are all ready aware I will be holding a charity event at the Pembroke House Tenbury Wells Worc.  All details are below, follow link to their Facebook page and directions.  Please come along and help raise lots for our forces veterans and their families.  It promises to be a great day and lots of fun.  Many Thanks


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Collecting Pots & Wristbands

Well the collecting pots art work and wristbands have been finalised and I will have the pots hopefully by the end of the week.  Wristbands in a couple of weeks.  If you would like any of them to help me fund raise please let me know.  Many Thanks


The  wristbands are in Royal Engineers colours, lets face it being an ex Sapper they had to be !


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Great News From KUBI Dry Gloves Systems

KUBI GlovesGreat news from Mr Pete Wilson at KUBI Dry Gloves Systems

I have been in contact with Pete over the last few weeks and have explained what I will doing and the problems that I experienced back in 2012 and my last attempt which left my hands in rather a sorry state due to water saturation.  Hopefully this glove system will stop this happening  next year and I will also be using them on my practice dives.

IMG_0573For those of you that didn’t see the state of my hands last time here it is.  When I was taken to hospital after getting out and breaking the record, it was explained to me that it was actually the on set of frost bite.

So again hopefully the KUBI glove system will stop this happening, although it still is a bit of a new science as my hands will be dry  for the 5 days, however they will sweat, so there will be moisture trapped in the glove.  The practice dives I will be doing will be telling me how bad that problem will be as well.  I’m hoping its no where near as bad as not wearing any at all as seen in the above picture.

Once again a huge thank you to Pete at KUBI.


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Training Has Started.

tenbury poolI have been up early today and straight down to the pool at Tenbury Wells Freedom leisure for a swim.  I have started off with a mile swim today, which I was told was 64 lengths.  I did this in 1 hr 3 mins, so I have a target to beat every time I go back now.

The plan is that I will be doing a mile swim every other day and on the other days it will be gym work, as well as my yoga training every Tuesday night.  This is to help me get in the relaxed mode and with the help of meditation I will be able to relax and send my thoughts somewhere else whist the dive continues and also to help me sleep.  The yoga is also helping me with my breathing, as I am  being taught different breathing techniques to shallow my breathing and hence relax more.

I will keep you informed of how this is all going.

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The Dive Promo For 2017

Well !! What can I say !! I’ve had a very talented young man called Scott Percival work his magic and has done a promotional video for my Guinness World Record attempt next year.  I have just watched it before posting it and was amazed at what he has been able to do, think you will all agree its outstanding !  Think I may of found someone to come  to dive next year and do the videos and photography,  only if his not to busy working to hard after getting loads of work in the mean time.  If you want anything doing you can contact him via his Facebook page.  Just click here Scott Percival Facebook.  Once again Scott, thank you so much, its brilliant !!


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Veterans In Communities News Letter

A big thank you to VIC for the article in this months news letter about my dive.


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I forgot I had this.  Its my Flickr account where you can view lots of photos from my last Guinness dive in 2012 and the practice dives leading up to my attempt.

There is some other albums there of other stuff I’ve done from bungee jumping to walking from Cape Wrath in Scotland to Lands End down the west coast of England.

Just click on the link above. Hope you enjoy looking at them.


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